StableHost Starter plan Review

StableHost  is probably a name too familiar to us. Founded in 2009, owned by a group of members of more than 10 people. This is a small-scale company, but in terms of the quality and service they provide, it’s the opposite. You can read full StableHost quick review for full information. To know why I say this, in this article, I will give some evaluation of STARTER (Shared Host) package for beginners.

stablehost starer plan

General parameters

Some common parameters for the STARTER package are as follows:

  • Control Panel : Supports cPanel software
  • Disk Space : Unlimited.
  • Hard drives: SSDs , which in their words, their hard drives handle super fast, do not know whether to say too or not, but also good🙂
  • Add Domain : In this package only support for one domain, if you want to add can contact the support, they will help you do this. Of course, you will be charged a fee if you request this.
  • Refund policy: 30 days after registration. If you are not satisfied with the quality, please contact us for a refund.
  • Private IP : Yes, but you have to pay a fee of $ 2 / month to own.
  • Location : Phonenix, Chicago (USA). Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • SSH access : Yes, but you need to register. The fee is $ 2.5 for one subscription and use forever.
  • SSL Security : Now when using StableHost’s hosting service you will have free installation of this security protocol.
  • FTP Account : Yes, No Limit.
  • Subdomains : Yes, unlimited.
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited.

STARTER package in detail


Here are some pictures of yourself checking the page load speed on your own blog. If you are the beginner of blogging. Page size is small, this is the choice for you. Because of this, the use of Shared Host can not avoid slow page loading. However, at this level, we can afford it.

This is one of the parameters that we want to cover in the STARTER evaluation of StableHost. And next we will go through a factor also make yourself very satisfied right below.


StableHost’s support service never sent me an email. Actually, in the process of using it, I have not encountered any serious error to need them. However, lately, I have used Ticket by them to ask about a small error, which I think it has nothing to do with the host.

However, a surprise, they responded immediately after 20-25 minutes.


As you well know the uptime of a website it’s important. Influence your website visitors if it’s always downtime. Can lead to status, once visit and leave your blog forever.

To check the time uptime and downtime you have tested in 24h. And the result is 100% Uptime.

This is one of the very important factors. I always pay attention when choosing hosting. Not just a review of this STARTER package.


Compared to the hosting services of other providers, the price compared to StableHost is no less than how much. Sometimes it is higher. Therefore, if you are new to the website or blog, the best option at this time is StableHost ‘s Shared Host .

Only $ 4.95 a month , but the quality is acceptable or better. In addition to reducing costs you can use discount codes  when buying hosting is 40% discount lifetime.

Price is also one of the deciding factors for whether we should hire the hosting package or not. In the article reviewing this STARTER package, I can only confirm the quality. That price is acceptable.


The above article is a review of the STARTER package. Do yourself as well as you, as a beginner so your costs are low. I have found out and see StableHost is a good and reputable supplier should also use and find very satisfied. If you are a beginner blogger or website with wordpress source code. Then you should use this STARTER package.

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