Hawk Host introduces Application Manager for cPanel, supports Redis and Memcached

Last week,  Hawk Host released a new update for cPanel, added a  Server Application Manager application , added support for Redis cache  and Memcached .

The Server Application Manager area is located in the SOFTWARE section , which is used to enable and disable server-side support applications.

Hawk Host had their own memcached management link, but when they added  Redis, they merged into Server Application Manager . Currently only 2 applications:

Both Memcached and Redis are both offline . To enable you click the corresponding Enable link .

Within 5 minutes, the server running the application will be activated Online.

As you can see from the above, each application will have its own socket path corresponding to your hosting account and only you can use. This ensures security when using the Shared Hosting environment.

For Memcached, since the path has changed (previously in the form /home/username/.hostdata/memcached.sock) so if you are using Memcached must edit the new system works.

After activation, depending on the code you have to install plugins or extensions that support corresponding to take advantage of the power of these applications.

More information about Hawkhost, You can read here

About Memcached

Memcached is a cache function of a system that uses RAM instead of a hard drive to read records as traditionally. Because of the fast RAM speed, Memcached will greatly increase the performance of your system, especially to minimize the need for a database (which consumes a lot of system resources).

Introduction to Redis

Redis is a caching system that stores data in RAM similar to Memcached. Not only does Redi support many other data structures such as hash, list, set, sorted set, string.

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