5 Reasons to Use WordPress Hosting at Siteground

For anyone starting with a website or blog first, you may find that in order to run a stable website on the internet it is not uncommon to have a few issues running WordPress for the people. SEO. With so many hosting providers today, you will wonder and take a lot of time to experiment.

Do you not know where to choose where the storage is safe and stable?
A website hosting service that I recommend is Siteground.

Why choose Siteground?

Siteground is a highly stable and secure service, and it has quickly become one of the most trusted sites today. Although more generic names may be suggested for you, we encourage you to start by a little more and see what elements SiteGround has for you to trust.

SiteGround Hosting

They offer you a host of web hosting packages for you to choose from to suit your needs. Although many web hosting packages can be quite rigid and hard to exploit, when using SiteGround you can see that things are going faster, the speed has improved dramatically. They support 24/7, uptime 99.9%

Hosting optimized for WordPress

For many web users today, the use of WordPress is quite common. WordPress can be installed in a variety of ways and may require a certain level of technical knowledge to optimize and optimize the operation of the code. However, the benefits of using such services as SiteGround will help you install WordPress and optimized hosting will become easier than ever.

When using Siteground, you will not have to manually install or experience problems while using the WordPress host. WordPress is integrated into the administration section and what you need to install WordPress Site is to press a button.

If you want to move the WordPress site to Siteground, it’s easy. This means that all data and databases will be transferred in minutes. You will not suffer downtime when transferring your site to our hosting.

With SiteGround, it becomes a lot easier if you are looking for hosting for WordPress, you will get so many benefits.

Advantages of Siteground

There are several major advantages that can come from using SiteGround as the primary storage solution and they will vary depending on the type of website. But all will be safe as well as speed and overall performance of the site and also provide you with help through live tutorials and live chat with technicians willing to help you.

Here are the main benefits:

High reliability

This is the first evaluation criterion when considering anyone hosting provider. If hosting is lost or due to security problems, your website may be down. This will make you pay a significant amount of money for maintenance over time, making it almost impossible to get sales in a month. Your business is stopped.

To provide maximum performance for all SiteGround clients, there are three data centers located around the world, which users can choose based on where most of their traffic is coming from… For example in Vietnam, we choose the storage area in Singapore. This will have a high connection speed.

Thanks to the quality of physical security used by SiteGround, you can also be sure that your servers are secure thanks to the same security features as 24-hour followers: D.


Everything is managed for you. Many hosting companies say that since you purchase their quality hosting package, you must know everything about setting up a website as well as hosting operations; You will never hear this again when you start using SiteGround. They ensure that their hardware is always up to date and that they have the most reliable staff working throughout the day to ensure that your site never dies.

On customer care, very few companies can even claim as SiteGround and do well. They are committed throughout the process of using their hosting services.

Another aspect is to solve the client’s problems quickly. You make the request and the technician can work with you, resolve the request immediately. Siteground staff understands that solving problems and satisfying customers is a matter of always putting them first.


Reliability is an important aspect of using an online service and in fact, if they keep software up to date and administer the server management tools securely, your data is also secure. will be safe and vice versa.

Operation time

Within 365 days, you can get an average of 99.996% uptime; Many sites will lie that they have 99.9% of all time spent on the activity, but that is not the case, not after a certain time. This is the reason you can believe in Siteground more than that, they do not declare what is not true.

They ensure that your server is managed directly while ensuring that your service will remain active throughout the year (minimum 1-year lease).
With a commitment to speed, they know that the service This directly affects SEO, Siteground linked to Cloudflare you can benefit from paid features from Cloudflare without having to pay anything to third parties, with the basic package.

Many hosting companies have little experience or specialized staff, so it is difficult to provide perfect customer support when they are not level-headed. However, when there are many questions regarding ourselves from SiteGround, you can see that their support is undoubtedly the most user-friendly and accessible on the internet. They can teach you and can help you fix your site.

The hosting package

Like any hosting company, they give you many different options for you to choose; This can make decision making easier than ever;


This is one of the most popular packages and is considered the “Startup / Startup” package. Starting at $ 3.95 a month, you can see that using the Startup package will be the best choice for beginners. You download the site once and start running, and can receive up to 10,000 monthly visits with the information you will need.


This is the higher pack it improved everything in the Startup Pack, allowing you to have more traffics to the site and more 20 GB of storage, with 25,000 hits per month. In addition, advanced features are enabled and you can access these advanced sections. You have a free year for SSL certificates. Starting at just $ 7 a month, this can be a great promotional offer for you.


This is a high-end package that allows you to store up to 30GB and allow 100,000 monthly hits. Similarly, you can have multiple visitors at a time and have access to everything in 2 packages above as well as other extras. Starting at $ 14.95 / mo, you can really get a great bargain at this package.

Evaluate Siteground

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to use SiteGround because of its variety and robustness. There are many different reasons to discuss here, as you will be able to see a significant difference in how your site is managed. If your site needs to be secure or has online transactions, consider using Siteground. It is a great solution to improve website speed and stability.

This is much more important if you want to expand your services later on as you increase your storage capacity and upgrade your package so that you will receive monthly discounts of 40% to 60%. If you need to find a new hosting partner and are not sure where to start? Try out all the options from your side, like GoDaddy, we really recommend you try this thinking. You will see great variations in the quality and durability of the service;

Despite the fact that the company is growing, the quality and consistency of its service are only stronger over time – so if you want to get reliable service, in the long run, get started. with Siteground.


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